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Statutory Information

Ofsted and SIAMS reports

Ofsted and SIAMS


Our school had a full inspection carried out by Ofsted in October 2015. The inspection was warmly received as we had already identified areas that we wanted to improve upon and had great pride in many aspects of what we do. This is reflected in the inspection report and although a period of time has passed since, we have continued to build on the positives whilst consistently looking to identify and improve on all aspects of what we do. Having an outstanding judgement in pupil welfare is something we are very proud of and reflects our school and the staff that are here. The report very much sums up our school but everyone here is more proud of what we do and what the children achieve than anything else.

In July 2019 we had a further short inspection by Ofsted. I am delighted with the contents of this and it highlights many of the aspects of the school that I am particularly proud of. The inspector saw us as we were. There were no changes made to lessons, no changes of displays or anything done to tick a box. I believe the report is a true reflection of our school, our wonderful children, amazing and dedicated staff, our committed governors and our overall ethos. I am sure that upon reading it you will recognise the school and be equally proud.


We are extremely proud of our status as a Methodist School and there are only 25 sole Methodist schools in the country. We work closely with our Methodist partners and it very much informs our vision and values and who we are. This inspection report was written in December 2019 and shows that our church affiliation has a positive impact on the lives and education of our children. It definitely acknowledges that we certainly do all the good we can in so many ways.


Boughton–under–Blean & Dunkirk Primary School is committed to the principles and procedures of safeguarding pupils.

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