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Teaching the music curriculum

At Boughton, we are keen to encourage our children’s creativity and nurture their wide range of talents, which includes the teaching and learning of music.

Music is taught once a week in each class (or taught in larger blocks less frequently where appropriate) and aims to address these key components, as guided by the National curriculum:

  • Listening to, appraising and evaluating a wide range of styles, genres and types of music
  • Performing music, including singing, composing and playing tuned and un-tuned instruments
  • Understanding and exploring how music is created, produced and communicated including through the inter-related dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations.

All teachers can access the ‘Music Express’ teaching scheme to support planning, but may also create other units of work, such as teaching tuned instruments including the recorder and the glockenspiel. We also have a specialist music teacher who teaches the ukulele in Key Stage Two for the duration of the school year.

Music in collective worship

As a Methodist school, collective worship is an important part of our daily routine, part of which is worshipping through song. We have a long list of hymns that the children learn and practise every Wednesday and we are always adding more to our repertoire. Singing is part of every collective worship and we are very proud of how well the children sing at Boughton.

Wider opportunities for music

1:1 music lessons

Many of the children in our school choose to take up individual music lessons, which are fitted within the school day. We offer many instruments, including piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, violin and a range of brass instruments. We have children as young as five years old learning these instruments, and we are always keen to celebrate these talents, such as through performances to the school and parents three times a year. If children are assessed to be graded, their successes are always celebrated, and certificates awarded within celebration assemblies with the whole school.


Young Voices

Every year, Key Stage Two children are offered the opportunity to join ‘Young Voices’. Young Voices is a huge event that runs across the country, whereby thousands of schools learn a selection of songs, chosen by the Young Voices charity organisation, to produce the largest school choir concerts in the world! The children sign up to our Young Voices club from September to January, during which time they learn the songs and dance routines, and when this ends, we go to the O2 arena to perform with thousands of other children as part of a real concert, where the school children form the choir. This is an amazing experience for the children, with some previous members describing the experience as “completely magical” and “the best day of (their) life!”

Find out more about Young Voices here:


School Choir

We have a very talented school choir made up of children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 who participate in various events throughout the school year. These events include the village Lantern Parade; the Faversham Christmas lights switch-on; local Christmas carol concerts; singing for the elderly; and the Faversham Schools Choir Festival. While we are only a small choir, we are always very proud of the sound our children can produce!

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