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Welcome to the pupil’s area. This is the place for you to find out about your school and access exciting things you might like.


Thoughts from a Pupil


“I like school because:
It is fun to play games with my friends.

Ben Johnson, Year 3

"I like maths because it's really interesting.  I also like seeing my friends everyday"

Louis Kerrin, Year 5

"We like ICT and PE because we use ipads and laptops in ICT.  We are also both sporty and enjoy the fresh air so enjoy PE"

Freddie Fulton & Finlay Newnham, Year 4


Praise Box - tell us if you think someone has done something that deserves praise!

Please fill in this form if you think someone at the school sholud be praised, e.g. being kind at play, being helpful etc.

This will send an email to let the school know.

Your Name:

Name of the person who deserves praise:

Why do they deserve praise?:




Worry Box - if you have any worries at all, please fill in this form!

If you are suffering for bullying use the form below to share your concerns.

This will send an email to staff to let them know.

(We do have to mention that concerns will be shared between staff, to make sure that more people are aware of how to keep you safe!)


Tell us about your worry:

Your Secret Word:


Note: Your secret word is a password so when we speak to you we can make sure the message was not sent by someone else. It can be anything you like.

Remember - if you have any worries at all, fill in the form!

Looking for a school place for your child?

Please phone the school to arrange a visit.

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