The school has an interesting and assorted range of topics that cover an array of skills within our Science topics.

Science Curriculum Long Term Plan

During the third term of each year, the school participates in the National Science and Engineering Week where science is taught every afternoon with a specific focus. Last year the focus was on Invention and Discovery and the children carried out following experiments:

Chocolate chewing – children investigate the different ways that chocolate can dissolve in our mouth!

Crazy Cubes – exploring the physical change in water when frozen and melting

Move it – children considered all the different ways that they could move a cotton reel         

Airplane engineers – children were challenged to build a paper airplane and tested how far they could fly it

Spaghetti Towers – every child had to build the highest tower made from just spaghetti and marshmallows!

Bridging the gap – children had to make a bridge out of paper and tested how much weight they the bridge could hold at varying distances

Cantilever fever – with the use of newspaper and some odd bits of tape, children had to test how much weight they could hang from a table

Vulcanised rubber – using rubber bands treated with oil, heat, cold and water, children had to test the durability and elasticity of the bands

All in all children had a brilliant time using practical experiments to test forces, aerodynamics and the change in a range of material.


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