With mathematics, the way children solve or ‘calculate’ a problem changes according to the number operation involved and its complexity.  The methods/strategies these use get progressively more complicated.  This is what we call ‘Progression in Calculation’ (PiC)


Maths is a hugely enjoyable part of the day for the majority of children.  Teachers in this school try really hard to make Maths as fun and practical as possible but still focussed on key skills.


Every Maths lesson is generally split into the following components:

*Feedback time- children have the opportunity to revisit previous work and respond to teacher's marking and feedback.
*Mental Oral Starter- a short 5-10 minute session which focusses on children using their mental calculation and visualisation skills
*Introduction- the teacher introduces a new concept and models how to do this
*Independent Work- The children then have the opportunity to practise and apply the key skills they have been taught
*Plenary- this can take place both in the middle or at the end of the lesson and helps to identify and summarise the learning that has taken place.


Identifying success has become a key part of each lesson and we focus on the new skills the children have acquired.

As a school we feel that developing children's ability to solve calculations mentally is so important.  We have placed a real emphasis on learning our multiplication and division facts and other number facts.  Years 1-6 now use Big Maths Beat That! as one way of supporting this.  This involves a timed test where children are required to recall basic number facts.  In Y5 and Y6 they are required to answer up to 72 questions in just 90 seconds!  It has been wonderful to see the progress they have made each week in order to beat their previous score.

Any support you can give your child at home is both beneficial and appreciated.  However Maths is ever changing and you may well be unfamiliar with some of the strategies we use in school to teach calculations.  Have a look at our Progression in Calculations sheets to see how we teach specific strategies.  Videos are available on our school YouTube channel to support you with this.

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