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Guided reading happens on a daily basis throughout the school. It forms the very first session of the morning, along with phonics. The children are grouped according to ability and carry out a variety of activities on a carousel basis. The groups are small, about 5 to 6 children. There are two adult lead groups and then the others are provided with independent activities, based around gaining information from a text or focusing on the features of a particular genre. The adults lead sessions will focus on sharing a text with children and developing both their decoding and fluency ability, as well as focusing on the skills of inference and deduction. These skills are more about, 'reading between the lines' and, for example; being able to make predictions and explain opinions about a character, events or actions.  We use a number of reading schemes at school also.  These include Collins Big Cat, Treetops, All Aboard, Rigby Star, Reading Corner, PM+, Oxford Literacy Web, Ginn Lighthouse and Fast Lane.

The school day also closes with a story time where a class book is shared and discussed. Through this the teacher is able to model more advanced reading behaviours, provide open ended thought provoking questions and foster a general importance of reading.

Each child has an individual reading book and record. Recently sub levelled reading bookmarks have been shared with children so that the main next steps that they are working on can be shared with home. A copy of these reading bookmarks can be accessed through the website.

These are the bookmarks children have and show the main targets in each sub-level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


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