Year 3 - Squirrels

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What the squirrels have been up to so far .....

The squirrels have been very busy this term.  We have enjoyed making and exploding our volcanoes, which was part of our homework task.  They came in all different shapes and sizes and we used vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda to replicate an explosion.

One Monday morning the children were greeted with CCTV footage of a mischievous dinosaur in their classroom over the weekend.  We spent some time planning how we were going to trap the dinosaur and we have written some very detailed and imaginative instructions of how to operate our traps to ensure the dinosaur doesn't come back !

As part of our Methodist Partnership, we also went to Lorenden School to listen to a visiting author, Ben Haggerty.  We were amazed by his storytelling skills.

A few highlights from the squirrels class:

"We did a treasure hunt in PE.  We had to go around the school finding letters to make a word.  It was fun". Mitchell

"I liked it when we made our Roman chariots" Bethany

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