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Reviewed by: Pippa Boyle

I love the silver sword because it is about 4 children trying to find their parents in the war.  They have to travel from Poland to Switzerland to reach their parents and to find happiness. Throughout the war they struggle to survive let alone...

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Reviewed by: Poppy Winnard

Koyasan is about a girl who lives near a graveyard. All her friends go and play in the graveyard but she is scared of the spirits. One day her little sister Maiko runs into the graveyard at night and when she comes out her soul has been stolen by...

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Reviewed by: Iona Reid

This is a funny book about a boy called Tom Gates and his enemy Marcus.  Will Tom find out about the disco dinosaur costume and who is the killer of the stars?  This book is suitable for 8+ it has got funny drawings and doodles and great...

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Reviewed by:

This book is incredibly exciting!!!!!!!! Join Hiccup and toothless and all the other dragon freinds on a Quest to find Hiccup's best friend Fishlegs.Did Fishlegs get taken below the red sands of prison dark heart or is he still alive ?????? Also...

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Reviewed by: Ethan Demery

This book is a book that pulls you in and it feels like you are actually in the book!  This is no ordinary book it has suspense, mystery and heart-racing action! This is a book that I recommend that you should read.

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Reviewed by: Dorothy Layton

This book is great because it's got lots of cliff hangers. This book is about a boy called Emil and he goes to his Nan's for the weekend and Emil's mum gives him 7 pounds but on the the to his Nan's he falls asleep and once he wakes up he found...

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Reviewed by: Lily Baker

This book had me drawn in from the very first sentence. The main character is a girl called Nikki Maxwell and she has a crush on a boy called Brandon. When he doesn't answer any of her text messages, she gets worried and confused because he keeps...

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Reviewed by: Harvey Davies

this book is a comical book up to ages 7+. This includes flip-o-rama,comics and a main storyline for all children who like to laugh. This story is about two best friends named george an harold.they really enjoy writing comics.until one day a...

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Reviewed by: Molly Layton

like this book because it is exciting and there is lots drama. I recomend this book to children beetween 8-11years old. This book is about a family that move to a lod house in Dark Falls. The two children Amanda and Josh think the spooky. Possibly...

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Reviewed by: Francesca Towers

This is a brilliant book full of comedy.  It is about a girl called Nikki Maxwell who has an enemy called Mackensie and is trying to spread rumours about Nikkie's crush.  Mackensie is in the school news paper so she can easily share rumors and get...

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Reviewed by: Alfie Crittenden

The Bulging Brains book is very discusting it will make you shiver.  On one page it talks about a brain surgeon and all the pieces of the Brain.

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Reviewed by: Amelia Kerin

The guinness world record 2010 is very good because it is very funny and interesting.  If you read it you will want to read it again and again. but the not so good thing about it is that theres a picture of a man with a terrible illness.

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Reviewed by:

I like this book because it inspired me to like princesses and tells you what you have to do if you were a princess.  It encouraged me to read on and to find out what happened.

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Reviewed by: Jessica Kidd

I like this book because it keeps you entertained.  You can imagine it in you head . Fantastic words I have seen,

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Reviewed by: Juliet Phoenix

This is a fantastic illustrated book with two girls who are really sisters who write secret letters without there parents knowing!!

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Reviewed by: Clay Gravett

This book features a spicy start and an explosive end. The main character is a girl called Lila. Her friend called Chulak happens to be the friend of an Elephant that is used as a punishment which the King uses to bankrupt people he has been...

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Reviewed by: Isabella Moore

I rate this five star for a reson! The book is amazing. It opens a new world to me because it is diffrent. It talks about the spirets that lingered around the world thousands of years ago and it even helped me out with my work. It helped me out...

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Reviewed by: Marisa Gould

It's funny and a good book for 8-12 year olds

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Reviewed by: Lauren Doy

I think that snow tales is a great because the pictures are very detailed. For a kids book it is good because it has 2 chapters and enough words and pages.  I think you should read this book.

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Reviewed by: Harvey Sainsbury

I thought that the book was really interesting and some bits were really funny. It was a little confusing because some of the sentences were to hard to read for some people like my brother who started to read and he's a really good reader and he...

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Reviewed by: Jake Hardyke

I like diary of a wimpy kid because it is funny, sensible and just a bit cheeky.  I have read the first book and now I am onto the second.I have the whole series and I will read all of them!
P.s I love reading and I wish we could do more at...

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Reviewed by: Ben Bowdery

This book is a very good vivacious book where not many people get along. The main character, Barry, is always merry and never disheartened. He always is exuberant and he feels like he stands in the eye of the hurricane two gangs swarm him for...

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Reviewed by: Oliver White

It's a good book for all the family because it has action,adventure and humor. So far I've got up to the part where the housemaid ,Mrs Eglinglintine has planed to kill the Holmes family and poison them so that Mrs Elinglintine has a huge house all...

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Reviewed by: Sam Reeve

Enjoy an exciting yet dangerous adventure including comedy from killer babies and frightening from zombies taking over the world. His best friend vynl is black his nickname dirty vynl who is hated by B smiths racist father. Will they survive the...

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Reviewed by: Zoe Cutler

I like lord loss because it is very exciting and graphic so it my kind of book. The description in it is great for example the handle was fiery hot. The main character is Grubbs Grady and he has a really funny personality he pulls a prank on his...

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Reviewed by: Chloe Ellingham

I like Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban because it has action and mythical creatures. It has horrible twists and I like that it has secret passage ways and tunnels to get to haunted places or towns and villages. It is also incredible...

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Reviewed by: Jacob Pleace

I like this book because it gets you hooked and there's lots of cliff hangers to stop at. And it has really funny parts that you can't not laugh at. It's great for children and it writen in a amazing style. The author who write it is great and it...

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Reviewed by: Oliver Rose

World of Norm 3 is another funny book in the trilogy of Norm and his life.This time he is blamed for global warming his brother is bullied and his friend starts going mad! but who has annoyed him the most in the last 2 books strikes again ... I...

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Reviewed by: Megan Waters

I like this book because it is an adventure book about a girl called Hetty, she had a tragic start in life and is about to find out who and where she came from. Her actual birth mother called her Sapphire Battersea. If you are wonder ing she came...

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Reviewed by: Maloy Flood

This book is action packed and enjoyable. It's all about a young boy called Darren Shan who goes to a freak show in a near by deserted theatre and then he meets mr. Crepsly who is a devilish vampire. Mr. Crepslys act was his amazing spider...

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Reviewed by: Sam Clay

It is action packed and enjoyable as it is a teenage spy, not an adult. It is for all ages, old or young and and is written by the amazing Anthony Horowitz. The boy is called Alex Rider and is put in a position that he doesn't want to do. Of...

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