About Boughton Under Blean Village

About Boughton–Under–Blean Village

This is the only one of the four Kentish Boughtons that is not distinguished by a family name. The ‘under Blean’ refers to its geographical situation – or, more accurately, south of – the old Forest of Blean.
Aerial photo of Boughton Under Blean

Boughton Under Blean from the air

Unlike the others, it is the only one that is commonly known simply as Boughton – logically enough since the forest has long since dwindled away into a few whisps of scattered woodland.

Until 1976 this was one of a string of traffic tormented A2 Dover Road villages. Like the others, it grew up along the great Watling Street highway after travelling habits forsook the much older Pilgrims Way, beside which Boughton's church of St Peter and St Paul was built, a mile away from the present village at Boughton Street.

The main street is lined with attractive houses of all ages – like the big old timbered houses that introduce the village to arrivals from the Faversham end, and the 15th century White Horse Inn opposite – from medieval to Victorian and modern, some virtually at the roadside, some, like those at the Queen’s Head end looking down haughtily from a–top a grassy bank.

Boughton is on the 3/3A bus route between Canterbury and Faversham.

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